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Sosobi 是每天的小確幸

Sosobi 的創辦人相信,每個人內心都希望追求更好的自己,常言道:管理好自己的身體,才能繼續為生命拼搏。因此我們成立了Sosobi,希望為都市人提供最優質的日常保養用品,透過每天使用的護理用品,為忙碌的生活,注入新的希望、新的動力。




保持青春、保持年青的皮膚狀態——白滑緊緻、水份飽滿,像嬰兒的皮膚一樣,使我們更有動力。每個人都是獨特的,我們會有着不同的皮膚問題:缺水、皺紋、皮膚鬆弛、膚色暗黃……這些使我們看起來更加衰老。因此,Sosobi Shop針對各種問題,致力搜羅不同功效之產品,為大家提供多元化的選擇。解決根本問題,使皮膚回復狀態,散發更自信的風采。


我們相信管理好自己、疼愛自己是重要的,喚醒永恆青春的秘密,就是日常的保養。laskari系列之成份,可增生皮膚之膠原蛋白、回復如孩子般的彈性;恆常使用Neuface Pro系列,效果有如隔空無針埋線,使皮膚恢復緊致、提升輪廓。留住永恆的青春,就在於建立良好的生活習慣。

Sosobi 希望為大家帶來生活的力量,一起面對每天的挑戰。

At Sosobi, we trust that everyone wants to pursue a better self. There is an old saying in Chinese," he who manages his body well will he be able to handle things well in his life. Sosobi was established, with the commitment to provide urbanite with the best quality daily care products for them to sustain positive vibes.

Provide high-quality daily health(skin) care products

We understand that urbanites are always busy at work, and with such rapid pace and pressure comes increase aging rate. Therefore, daily skincare is very vital. There are lots of brands on the market, but not all are good in value. Every product we selected has been evaluated and tested thoroughly. 

Good skin condition boosts our confidence in the long run

Healthier, younger skin and body motivates us.  Everyone is unique, one has his/her own skin problems: dryness, wrinkles, fragile... all these make us look tired and old. Therefore, Sosobi strives to select products with different effect in response to these problems. By providing diversified solutions, we hope to solve the fundamental problem of skin: restore skin condition, and ultimately enhance our whole being.

Manage yourself and love yourself 

We believe that it is important to manage and love oneself well. The secret to eternal youth is daily treatment. For example, the ingredients of the laskari series can increase the collagen level of the skin and restore the elasticity; regular use of Neuface Pro series would enhance the skin condition and uplift your contour.

We are determine to share our values and hopes to bring the power of life to everyone and face daily challenges together.